LED Picture Light Review

LED Picture Light  for sale, A home adorned with the right artwork looks just impressive, livable. An original oil painting, framed movie poster, stylish tapestry-all these bring life, color, and personality to a house.Picture lights are specifically designed to cast attractive light upon any artwork type or wall pinup. However, it is disheartening if such images which have been meticulously chosen won’t be seen in their complete splendor because of poor illumination, for, of course, the right lighting style can bring all the difference in how a picture appears. In most cases, a picture light is a welcome addition to many decorating schemes. 

Clear glass with a rich amber color filament provides a full 360 degree light output right up to the base. No more dark spots. Very smooth dimming and long life, these LED T10 lamps are UL listed for both totally enclosed fixtures and damp locations. Perfectly fine in bathrooms and so forth.

430 lumen LED T10 picture light replaces up to and including 40 watt incandescent bulb while burning only 4.5 watts using the traditional feel and look

A cordless picture light that outshines most others-it's vibrant and dimmable, and it has greater than 100 hrs of battery existence and it is rc. It's advanced solid-condition circuit, using Pulse Width Modulation technology to provide greater than 100 hrs of sunshine existence around the brightest setting. It's safe for artwork because it doesn't have Ultra violet with no heat. It's easily mountable on walls or frame. The illumination created with this picture light is just superb