Orange and Red A19 LED bulbs

The red and orange LED bulbs have been certified by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission's Wildlife friendly lighting program. They're "Sea Turtle Friendly".
Directional bulbs are perfect for recessed cans or any place where a directional light source is desired. Their 180 Degree and below beam cut off is perfect for this application as no light is wasted. As a result, they can out-perform their omni-directional cousins with less lumens/power consumption.

A-Shape ("Arbitrary") or general service bulbs are most likely the bulb many of us are most acquainted with. It's shape is really ubiquitous this is probably the very first form factor you consider if somebody states "bulb".  A19 bulbs typically are available in outputs varying from 20 watts as much as 100 Watts within their incandescent forms.

Orange and Red A19 LED bulbs are sea turtle friendly Add a touch of color to your table or floor lamps or wall sconces. Use in outdoor lanterns and when you're concerned about Wildlife Friendly Lighting (red and orange only) or use for security or warning purposes.

If you wish to choose the most recent technology inside your bulb, go for LED, which means “light emitting diode.” It was once these bulbs were just for niche lamps, but nowadays these bulbs can squeeze into the conventional screw-in connector featured in many lamps and lightweight sockets.

As the bulbs are longer-lasting and much more energy-efficient than your standard incandescent bulb, they focus their light one way instead of diffusing around an area. This will make them ideal for illuminating a particular space. They're ideal in studying lamps, under cabinet lighting, so that as task lights. Plus, it normally won't warm up around incandescent bulbs do during operation.